Pilates Description

Mat Pilates

Mat work is considered a core strength building workout, focusing on spinal alignment and the core musculature of the spine, abdomen, pelvis and hips. Different pieces of small equipment are often used to supplement classes, adding a unique aspect to traditional mat exercises. This class is suitable for those who are healthy and physically active, wishing to further develop their abdominal strength, and gain flexibility. All levels are welcome.



The reformer is a piece of equipment which allows participants to work their entire body. The machine challenges core stability while the arms and legs are moving. Reformer focuses on resistance exercises that leave you feeling stronger and definitely more flexible. Core strengthening will be part of every exercise as you work your way through a different sequence of exercises for the entire body each week.

Other pieces of equipment the studio has: Cadillac, Chair, Ladder Barrel and smaller barrels.  The exercises performed on these pieces of equipment can be modifications of exercises or used for more challenging options.